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In the dryer section the water is removed from paper web by evaporation. The water is evaporated from the paper by the supply of heat energy. Typical arrangement for paper or board drying in paper machine is multi-cylinder drying. And the vital task is to ensure maximum drying efficiency with minimum energy consumption. It is realized depending on the paper grades and machine speeds by single-tier arrangement of drying cylinder, double-tier arrangement or combination of both. Single-tier arrangement provides excellent runnability and the efficiency because open draws are minimized and the wet web is well supported specially in the beginning of the dryer section. Optimized geometry of double-tier drying sections gives trouble-free web transport and allow to control web shrinkage and moisture profiles with minimum energy input. It also allow to produce paper more efficiently becuase heat is supplied to both sides of the paper and dryer section could be more compact with the same drying capacity.